Coach Jenifer!

We love the community support that keeps us running! Check out Tuesday's Guest Coach, JENIFER HAUERT!

Jenifer started CrossFit in 2012 as an escape from the "global gym" world. She felt like there had to be something more. Since being involved with competitive sports from the age of 5, the competitive aspect of CrossFit is what drew her in.

At a young age, she experienced three serious knee injuries that included being in and out of physical therapy to recover, there she realized that someway, somehow she wanted to be involved with people pushing their bodies and reaching their physicals all while working within their limitations.

Outside of her CrossFit family, she works as a certified Sign Language Interpreter. In this field, she has experienced a wide range of settings from interpreting for the President to traveling around the world on cruise ships.

Jenifer received her CrossFit Level 1 Certification to learn more for her own training. At this course she realized she wanted to coach others. She says "I may be loud and push people hard, but seeing others 'push through the suck' really motivated me."

Her CrossFit journey has been long, hard, and changes everyday. With success comes some pitfalls, but she says she learns more about her body and what she is capable of everyday!

Welcome Coach Jenifer Hauert! Thank you for volunteering your personal time to help your local military community.

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